Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Tarek's Cafe

Chaos.  Delicious smelling chaos is how I describe the Friday lunch rush at Tarek's.   The soups of the day are Corn Chowder, Split Yellow Pea and a Salmon Chowder.  I ask for a sample of the corn chowder over the din of the crowd without hesitation, always eager to taste someone else's version of my favorite soup.

The decor is unique; I don't know how to describe it.  You can probably find pictures online for yourself.  If possible, grab a seat at an empty table while you wait, the joint can fill quick when the local working population go on their lunch break.

I order a soup and club wrap combo because it is one of the specials and I'm watching my pennies these days.  Also, I know better than to order something complicated during the Friday rush.  Anything complicated or modified is liable to get confused as the order is passed along between 2 to 4 different employees along-side 6 other orders.

Tarek's Cafe on UrbanspoonThe wraps appear to be pre-made that morning (because they're so popular) and pretty standard club material.  Nothing is stale, it's all fresh but unfortunately the contents are just stuffed in the pita so each bite may or may not contain some of each component.  But the soup... The soup is good.  To me the soup is the reason for the trip in, a lot of different notes to pick out.  I like playing that game while I'm eating but it's tough because the flavours are really well blended.

Service is friendly.  We had a great experience here one slow Saturday afternoon where they put a custom dish together for my picky son, but the Friday lunch rush is a different experience.  If you are new to the menu and there is a line-up out the door of impatiently hungry people you could feel rushed and a little confused by it all.  I would suggest a different day and time for first timers but my first meal here was on a Friday at noon so who am I to comment?

I'll be back again soon for lunch.


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